Vanessa Paradis Debuts Drastic New Look Amid Johnny Depp Engagement Rumors

While Johnny Depp's girlfriend, Amber Heard, can't escape the spotlight right now — everyone wants to know if the diamond she was wearing on that finger is an engagement ring — the actor's ex Vanessa Paradis has undergone such a drastic makeover that she's virtually unrecognizable.

The French singer and actress, who has two children with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday amid rumors that Depp, 50, is ready to wed his much younger girlfriend. And the 41-year-old Chanel spokeswoman looked radically different. Gone were her signature long, blondish-brown (typically) wavy locks and in place was a super-short, dark brown 'do — not unlike Keri Russell's controversial crop way back when on "Felicity."

Paradis, who's also the face of H&M's Conscious collection, was dressed very casually for her lunch date with French hairstylist John Nollet in Los Angeles. She had on brown pants, a purple shirt, gray linen jacket, and shades. And she wasn't thrilled to be spotted by photographers either, giving one the finger.

It remains unclear what her relationship status is with Nollet. The highly sought after snipper, who styled Depp's quirky dreadlocks for the "Pirates" movies, has long maintained Paradis's hair (his cuts cost $1,000-plus), but has also been part of her inner circle. They've been snapped together as far back as 2006, while things were still going strong with Depp, and he's been by her side at fashion shows and other industry events. He's even been seen hanging out with Paradis's sister, actress Alysson.

However, they were also snapped kissing in 2012 — the year she and Depp split — though whether it was romantic or just a very friendly French kiss is unclear. Either way, it's obvious he's really fond of her as she's currently the giant cover photo of his official Facebook page. (Though with her longer hair, not this cropped top.)

A rep for Nollet confirmed that he created Vanessa's look, adding, "They are good friends and have worked together [for] many years."

Paradis never married Depp despite their 14-year romance, but rumor has it he may be ready to take the plunge with Heard, 27. "The Rum Diary" co-stars have been linked since 2012 and, after making their red carpet debut on Saturday night at the Art of Elysium gala (they also attended the Golden Globes together on Sunday), the "Paranoia" star was seen wearing a massive diamond on her left hand this week.

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Even more interesting, she did everything she could to cover her hand from photographers once they started snapping the ring. We're talking over-the-top efforts to cover up the bauble.

If Depp does get hitched, it will be his second trip down the aisle as the serial monogamist was briefly married to Lori Anne Allison in the 1980s.

However, it should be said that he's had a string of broken engagements. Those include Sherilyn Fenn, whom he dated for three years following his 1985 divorce, Jennifer Grey (1989), and Winona Ryder (1989 to 1992). He also famously romanced Kate Moss from 1994 to 1998, then fell for Paradis later that year. They have two children, Lily-Rose (born 1999) and Jack (2002).