Trend Alert: TV Wedding Dresses Go Grey

It’s a tale as old as time – a hit TV show ends with the big wedding of a main character. Queue emotional crescendo. But a tale not quite as expected are those wedding dresses.

In the “Private Practice” series finale this week, Kate Walsh’s Addison Forbes Montgomery (formerly Shephard) is tying the knot with Benjamin Bratt’s Jake Reilly wearing a light grey-blue gown. A month ago, we said farewell to the “Gossip Girl” gang while looking at Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf in an icy blue Elie Saab number.

And, while it wasn’t a finale (or anything close to one), we couldn’t forget Madeleine Stowe’s grey Vera Wang gown from an early November episode of “Revenge.”

All blue-grey dresses, all second weddings. Coincidence? We think knot.

We checked in with Costume Designer Eric Daman (who’s known for his work on “Gossip Girl” and, more recently, “Carrie Diaries”) and stylist and fashion blogger Sydne Summer, who weighed in on the issue.

“Silver-hued dresses are a bridal trend for 2013,” Summer says. “The cool color is a modern alternative to last year's popular pink wedding gowns… Icy palettes also work well with crystal embellishment, which is another bridal trend.”

“I don’t think it’s a blue-grey thing,” Daman tells omg!, explaining that the color palette itself may just be “a trendy coincidence.” Still, more brides are stepping away from white.

“It seems like a traditional white is a bit too traditional for growing educated tastes,” he says. “There are a lot of beautiful dresses out there that are colorful, joyful and have a bit more whimsy for brides-to-be that are looking to break out of the ‘mold.’ I actually credit Vera Wang for pushing brides-to-be to look at gowns in nouveau hues from blush to black!”

When selecting a dress for Blair’s final wedding to Chuck on “Gossip Girl,” the fact that this wasn’t her first trip down the aisle certainly played into choosing such a non-traditional dress.

“Blair Waldorf already had two beautiful, extraordinary white gowns,” Daman says. “For this TV wedding of the century, I wanted to give her the old world glamour she is iconic for. Thus, I looked to Wallis Simpson’s robin’s egg blue wedding gown and the Elie Saab was perfection and totally fit the bill.”

Summer agrees that second weddings often offer brides a chance for more variety.

“Second weddings give brides a chance to try out non-traditional dresses,” she says. “They've already done the white ball gown. The second time around, they can play with color, simple gowns, sexier silhouettes, shorter hemlines, basically anything that expresses their individuality.”

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