Throwback Video: Watch 16-Year-Old Ben Affleck's Burger King Commercial

Ben Affleck is not, as a Burger King's slogan once said, having it his way right now. The actor and director is dealing with the fallout after word leaked that he requested his September appearance on PBS's genealogy show, Finding Your Roots, be censored when he discovered he had an ancestor who had held slaves. On Wednesday, he revealed some info about the relative on Twitter: "Lots of people have been asking who the guy was. His name was Benjamin Cole - lived in Georgia on my Mom's side about six generations back."

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But in much simpler times back in 1989, he was a 16-year-old just trying to snag a girl with a tasty salad from the BK drive-thru.

The Gone Girl star has mentioned the commercial before when talking about his early work and how he got started acting while growing up in Boston. "My mother's best friend was a local casting director here, and she and her partner actually cast me in a couple of little things when I was young," he told CBS Sunday Morning in 2010.

One of those things was the fast food ad, which Affleck admitted is not his best work. "And the Burger King commercial was, like, a big failure, too!" he said. "I mean, how do you fail in a Burger King campaign?" He called it "horrible" and "humiliating."

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It is pretty cheesy, but Affleck shouldn't blame himself. The car phone, "Do You Believe in Magic?" playing in the background, and the wink at himself in the rearview mirror (which we assume was written into the script) are mostly responsible.