‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Mackenzie Douthit Married and Pregnant Again

Just a day after Jenelle Evans made headlines for her smiley mugshot, another "Teen Mom" star has big news. Mackenzie Douthit, the bubbly cheerleader who appears on the third cycle of the hit show, announced that she is married and pregnant with her second child.

Apparently, Douthit, 18, made it official with her longtime boyfriend, Josh McKee, 19, in secret some time ago even though their wedding is scheduled for this Saturday. The young couple has a 1-year-old son, Gannon, together and is now expecting baby number two.

Douthit took to Twitter to share her happy news, but it seems even this joyous time is tinged with drama.

"Been married for months but im not allowed to get pregs with my husband without Miami girls subtweeting… do i look like I care????" she tweeted before adding, "im married yall and happier than all of you. God knows what he is doing.... get a life...."

She also posted a lengthy Facebook message to reveal that she is expecting, as well as to defend herself against critics.

"And yes. For everyone wondering, I'm 12 weeks pregnant … time to tell the truth," she wrote. "Yes I love everyone checking on me, but yes I have reached my breaking point and have literally been through hell and back these last three days."

She then goes on to explain why she decided to reveal the news now. "I only told cause people are asking why I'm fat lol … So I'm not texting anyone back right now I need some time to myself. So sorry if ur mad cause I'm not texting back. Or mad cause you didn't know about this ..."

Though Douthit and McKee were engaged once before, they called it off in October 2012. Hopefully they've worked out their differences and are ready to focus on what matters most, which isn't their haters, but their kids.

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