Taylor Swift Trespasser Busted for Passing Note

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Here's one dude's phone number Taylor Swift isn't keeping in her address book.

A Maine resident has been charged with trespassing on Swift's property in Westerly, Rhode Island, and is due in court on Friday to face the music.

Joseph Bernatche, 55, of Portland, was rung up on a count of "willful trespass" after he tried to hand a note to one of the singer's security guards.

Bernatche's attorney insists his client is innocent. "As far as I'm concerned, he was not trespassing," Michael J. Robinson of RoboLaw tells omg! of the July 27 incident. "He was just trying to get a message to her."

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Robinson says that the message read, "If you want to see me again, you have to call my cell," and listed Bernatche's cell number. Robinson adds that he does not believe that his client and Ms. Swift have any existing relationship. He describes Bernatche as "a considerably older man than she is. He's a very nice guy. As far as I know he's a U.S. veteran who's been honorably discharged."

Robinson says that at no point did his client, who has pleaded not guilty, step on Swift's property.

"Here's what happened," Robinson explains. "[My client] parked on a property just next to Taylor's property. There was a guard posted there. The guard noticed him parking there. He got out carrying the note, and he signaled to the guard. The guard came down and [my client] handed the note to the guard. I'm not even assured that this person was a proper uniformed guard. My client then walked away and drove away. The guard then called over another guard, and they decided they were going to contact the Westerly police, who then dispatched an officer. The guard had taken down the license of my client's vehicle. The police passed my client as he was driving away from the property. He turned around and stopped the vehicle and arrested my client for willful trespass."

Robinson acknowledges that his client had previously been issued a notice of no trespass for Swift's property earlier this year. "What I'm told is that he drove onto her property back in April to ask to see Taylor about something, and at that time he was told that he was not allowed to return. I met with the head of Taylor Swift's uniformed security about a week ago, which is when I learned about this. Why he went there back [in April], I don't know."

It's not the first time that someone has been charged with trespassing on this particular property. In May, Lucas H. Borsteveld, 22, of Chicago, was arrested for the same crime. Some outlets reported that he had swum to the $17 million estate.

Neither the Westerly Police Department now a rep for Taylor Swift has responded to calls seeking comment.

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