Here's What Taylor Swift Looks Like as Fan-Made Lego Mosaic

Taylor Swift loves her fans. They love her right back. Case in point: a group of Swift devotees in the U.K. has crafted a massive portrait of Taylor from 38,400 Lego bricks. Legoland Windsor posted a pic of the amazing tribute on Instagram:

Taylor Swift in many, many Legos (Instagram)
Taylor Swift in many, many Legos (Instagram)

"Have you seen our #LEGO mosaic of #TaylorSwift made entirely by our guests to the Resort!" the British theme park wrote. "#LEGOLANDWindsor #heartlakecity2015 #awesome #swiftie #swifties."

According to a press release, the mosaic — which was unveiled on Monday and will stay on view through Sunday — not only contains 38,400 pieces, but also measures 8 feet, 4 inches by 12 feet, 7 inches. Yes, that is taller than Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile, another famous blonde named Blake Lively doesn't need a ginormous work of fan art to feel appreciated. Minimalist food art will suffice for her — or, as she put it on Instagram, help "[make her] dreams true." She continues, "I finally are what I eat! Am. What I eat. You are what YOU eat. But I'm LITERALLY what I eat. See. Because of the. (Please stop talking)."

No, not all stars can't have giant Lego tributes. But there are plenty of ways for crafty fans to show their love through art.