Star Splurge: Seth MacFarlane’s In-Home IMAX Theater

The Star: "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane

The Splurge: An IMAX private theater in his Beverly Hills mansion, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (MacFarlane's publicist did not respond to a request for comment.)

How Much: Reportedly between $1 million to $2 million.

Why It's Completely Over-the-Top: IMAX Corporation currently operates nearly 700 theaters around the world that show both 2D and 3D movies using proprietary technology to create a more "immersive effect" for the audience … but of course you've actually got to sit next to strangers if you visit one of these theaters. Those who want a private version in their own homes have to be pretty serious movie buffs with lots of money to burn … and it sounds like the 39-year-old qualifies on both counts. MacFarlane has already installed a $35,000 projector to screen first-run movies that cost $500 a pop.

The Coolest Part About It: Every aspect of the system is optimized for each particular home, according to IMAX, which says it creates "the optimal viewing environment by engineering the room's shape and seating placement to fully exploit the features of the legendary IMAX screen, which is curved and spans from floor to ceiling and wall to wall." The result? "A full panoramic view that fills your peripheral vision more than any other cinematic experience and gives you the feeling you're part of the action." Popcorn not included.

Why Seth Won't Ever Have to Worry About Waiting for a Repairman: As part of the package, IMAX's commercial service center remotely monitors the system 24 hours a day to provide "predictive maintenance" and "performance tuning" and responds within five minutes of any issue arising. If only the cable guy were as responsive …

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