The Sneaky Way Poppy Montgomery Gets Out of Diaper Duty

As unpleasant a task as changing diapers is, it's a very necessary part of parenthood ... unless you are Poppy Montgomery.

The 38-year-old "Unforgettable" star welcomed her second child, daughter Violet, in April and she's very craftily learned how to get out of doing diapers ― by being extremely bad at it.

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"I am banned from diaper duty," Montgomery admits to omg!. However, it's not that she's such a pampered star that she never tried. She did, but she failed. Miserably.

"I've tried, but they keep me away from it," laughs the Australian actress, who shares parenting duties with her boyfriend Shawn Sanford. (She also has a 5-year-old son, Jackson, from a previous relationship.) "My magic trick was that I'd just put them on really loosely. I personally don’t like tight things, so when I'd see the diaper done up tightly on the baby, I was like, 'Ouch, that mustn't feel comfortable,' and then put it on much looser."

And you know what happens with loose diapers.

"Well then of course they leak, don’t they?" she winks. "She poos, it leaks and comes out the back. So I've been banned."

Juggling an infant and a starring role on "Unforgettable," which returned to the CBS lineup on July 28, has been another challenge. In addition to dropping the baby weight ("I still have got 16 pounds, but I am going slow with it," she says), she's breast-feeding on the set.

"I am doing it all," she smiles. "I'm like a dairy. I am always attached to something. A baby, a [breast] pump, a mic. It's wild and it's intense … but I really couldn't ask for anything more."

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