Selena Gomez Releases New Breakup Anthem ‘Rule the World’

Taylor Swift, you have taught your BFF well!

Selena Gomez, 20, just dropped her new song "Rule the World," and it's one awesome breakup anthem. You may want to listen up, Justin Bieber.

The catchy chorus goes like this:

“Our love was made to rule the world/You came and broke the perfect girl/ You left wanting what we were/ Our love was made to rule the world."

A few other lyrics that suggest the single is about the "Boyfriend" singer:

“Forget forever/Forget you ever knew my name," and …

"I know we can't pretend that we were never lovers in the end/I've tried to tell myself that this pain would go away/Just go away."

Bieber, 19, made the first music move post-split. In January, he dropped the single "Nothing Like Us" which seemed to be referencing his and Gomez's breakup.

“I gave you everything baby/everything I had to give/girl why would you push me away?” crooned Bieber. He also made a little dig about Gomez's reported partying.

Unfortunately, lyrical karma may have caught up with Bieber. While in London he experienced a dramatic few weeks over in the U.K.

He may or may not have gotten kicked out of a club, in addition to attacking the paparazzi, fainting on stage, and cancelling a concert.

Sounds a lot like something Gomez's fictional character in her upcoming film "Spring Breakers" would do.

Which breakup song do you prefer?

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