See Miley Cyrus’s Brother Braison’s Modeling Debut

See Miley Cyrus’s Brother Braison’s Modeling Debut

Move over Miley, there's a new Cyrus in showbiz! The star's 18-year-old brother Braison is making his modeling debut in Troix Magazine's 2013 "Boys of Summer" issue and we must say, he looks pretty darn good. The print campaign marks his first official leap into the industry after signing with Wilhemina Models back in November.

Braison's 20-year-old big sis really seems to be having fun with her brother's new career path, joking about him becoming America's Next Top Model on Twitter by posting a picture of the two of them modeling side by side and writing, "Woahhhhh! Who's prettier? I'm voting Braison? Haha @TyraBanks who do you think is ANTM?! ;)"

But watch out – having a face made for the camera isn't Braison's only gift. He's also musically inclined and is in the band "Friends of the Family."

Speaking of family, entertaining is one thing that definitely runs in the Cyrus genes. Brandi, 26, is starring in an upcoming horror film "Old 37," Trace, 24, was in the band "Metro Station" until 2010, Noah, 13, tried her hand at acting on the Hannah Montana Show, and of course there's Miley, who can act, sing, and dance. Whew! Add in dad Billy Ray's “Achy Breaky Heart” and you have one talented group.

Check out the video to see Braison’s modeling debut for yourself!

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