Sean Penn’s Son Hopper Uses Slurs During Nasty Run-In With Paparazzo

Sean Penn's son seems to have inherited his father's famous temper … and disdain for the paparazzi.

Hopper Penn, 19, was out with his dad in Beverly Hills Tuesday when he had an exchange with a paparazzo which led to him using racial and gay slurs.

The whole thing – which was captured on video – started innocently enough when Sean, 52, arrived at an office building and walked inside as photographers snapped photos of him. Moments later, he was followed by his lookalike son – casually dressed in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt – who appeared to come into contact with one paparazzo from Splash News and immediately exchange words with him.

"You f**king kidding me?" Hopper is heard saying on the video. When the paparazzo loudly scolded the teen, Hopper – whose mother is actress Robin Wright – then gave him the finger and dropped several more f-bombs.

The situation was then escalated when Hopper twice referred to the African-American photographer as a f****t, and he went on to call him a "f**king n***er."

Sean – who does not appear again on camera during his son's outburst – has had a notoriously bitter relationship with paparazzi. It started way back when he first started dating Madonna and peaked in 1986 when he dangled a photographer by his ankles off the 9th floor balcony of a hotel room in Macau. (He claimed he thought the photographer was a burglar.) His disdain never went away – and he was also sentenced to three years of probation as well as anger management for punching a photographer in 2009.

"We've all heard about human spontaneous combustion, but I don't think anybody's seen it. I'd love to be at a movie premiere, or drive by a movie premiere, and see them all out there, all of a sudden they blow up. That's my private little fantasy,” Sean told Detour of the paparazzi. “The people who go around hunting people with cameras are not people to me; they're just toe jam molded into the form of a man who is given a machine so he can live in his mother's back room.”

A rep for Sean has not yet responded to omg!'s request for comment about Tuesday’s incident. However, Hopper – who is named after acting legend Dennis Hopper and was gravely injured during a skateboarding incident when he was 16 – issued a statement to TMZ saying, "I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal – threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions. ... I deeply regret my choice of words.”

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