Samantha Ronson Opens Up About Time With Lindsay Lohan: ‘I Had Panic Attacks’

Samantha Ronson is one of the most sought after DJs on the celebrity party circuit, but in reality, she doesn’t share much about her personal life with the rest of the world.

In a new interview with Joy Bryant (“Parenthood”) for her “Across the Board” YouTube interview series, Ronson opens up further about how she “had panic attacks” when she started dating Lindsay Lohan and was suddenly thrust into the limelight, back in 2008.

Born into a musical family (her stepdad is Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, while her Grammy-nominated brother, Mark, produced Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album and is a DJ himself), Ronson began DJing on a whim when the DJ at a club she used to kick it at didn’t show up.

“It was never a plan at all,” she explains. “When I was dating (someone) … (who) was the doorman at Moomba, and the DJ didn’t show up. And I had just gotten a car and had a bunch of CDs in my car.”

And the rest was history. But being behind the decks didn’t prepare her for the popularity that would follow her once she became close with Lohan.

Although this isn't the first time Ronson has talked about her relationship with Lohan, (the romantic part of which, reportedly ended in 2010), it's certainly one of the most candid. Noting how crazy it must have been for a private person such as Ronson to get romantically involved with a high-profile celeb like Lohan, Bryant asks how she handled that period of her life.

“The whole thing is so absurd to me,” shares Ronson. “I have been DJ’ing for 14 years with a steady career all the way through ... and it was perfectly fine to fly under the radar.”

“I had panic attacks all the time. I lost so much weight had such much anxiety, it just made it whack,” she continues, adding that photogs she knew would actually apologize for snapping her photo after she started seeing Lohan. “I would go in and out of clubs – even the paparazzi would laugh – they would see me for years outside the same clubs, smoking cigarettes, talking s**t, and they’re like ‘I’m so sorry’ … [but] this is what [the media wants].’”

Check out Bryant’s full-length interview with Ronson, in which she discusses topics ranging from gun violence to her musical inspirations, on her “Across the Board” YouTube channel.

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