Ryan Gosling Lookalike Sets Hearts Aflutter in Detroit

Hey, girl ― that fella you're posing for photos with? That's totally not me.

The radio show Mojo in the Morning is known for its pranks and pulled a fast one, which involved a Ryan Gosling lookalike, on some of the good people of Detroit. The Gos, 32, has been in Michigan working on his directorial debut, "How to Catch a Monster," featuring a star-studded cast that includes his girlfriend, Eva Mendes. So the locals have been on high alert in hopes of a good Gosling sighting … and they thought they got one earlier this week.

That was when the Mojo team enlisted a young tax accountant named Doug, whom they said "looks 80 percent like Ryan Gosling," to dress up like the meme-inspiring, cereal-hating star, donning a hoodie, T-shirt, and shades. They then sent him to wander around the city and pop into a Starbucks or two, while their cameras rolled.

Let's just say their plan was a success. In what appears to be no time flat, Doug was surrounded by women, as you'll see in the video titled "Lyin' Gosling." And those women were giggling, flirting, kissing him on the cheek, and fanning themselves to cool down from the rush of meeting "'The Notebook' star.

Even two Wayne State University police officers were duped by Doug, posing for a photo with him. For his part, faux Gos didn't once claim to be the Hollywood megastar ― or even appear to utter a single word throughout the video.

The only thing that could have possibly made this better is if they found a George lookalike to be Doug's sidekick during the prank. (For the uninitiated, George is Gosling's beloved 11-year-old mixed breed dog.) However, it's certainly harder to find a dog with a Mohawk that wears socks and eats apples to play make believe than it was to find a 30-something guy who mildly resembles Gosling from beneath a hooded sweatshirt.