Ryan Gosling Finally Ate His Cereal to Honor Vine Artist

There are plenty of Ryan Gosling tributes out there in the vast world of the Internet. There's Feminist Ryan Gosling, that video of a young Gosling dancing rather provactively, and the viral phenomenon "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal"  a collection of Vines consisting of Gosling's trademark serious, smoldering face mashed-up with Ryan McHenry feeding him cereal, creating the appearance that Gosling just won't oblige.

So when Vine announced on its Twitter account that McHenry passed away after a public battle with cancer, Gosling decided to pay a tribute to the Vine collection's creator by eating his cereal, once and for all. In the spirit of the original videos, the actor posted the following video on Vine:

Earlier this year, McHenry had captured a moment of Ryan Gosling on BBC1 and posted it to YouTube, in which Gosling admitted he did in fact, love cereal, contrary to what McHenry's Vines might lead someone believe. The two had also interacted on Twitter this past April, joking about Gosling's love for cereal:

Of course, Gosling was joking, as the actor took to Twitter to express his condolences and his gratitude for being a part of the viral sensation.

The Internet loves Ryan Gosling, but Ryan Gosling loves it back with equal respect.