Russell Brand Talks Katy Perry and John Mayer Romance

Russell Brand went on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show Monday, so naturally the host got the Brit to talk about what his listeners would be most interested in -- Katy Perry, John Mayer, and even those Demi Moore romance rumors.

“What do you make of your ex-wife dating John Mayer? It’s like, doesn’t she know that he's a worse womanizer than you?” Stern asked Perry’s ex-husband.

"Worse or better, depending on how you view it," quipped Brand.

"He's a better womanizer, then," Stern proclaimed.

"Hold on, I resent that! I'm world class!" the “Brand X” host exclaimed before getting serious about his views on Perry moving on with Mayer. "You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them."

Stern then proclaimed, “I knew you’d never stay married.”

So, is Brand dating anyone now?

“Nobody actually, I would like a romance,” he told the host admitting he’s not even playing the field, right now…not even with Moore, despite the rumors out there.

“I really like her, she's a beautiful person,” Brand said of Moore.

“But you’ve not made love to her yet?” asked Stern.

“I've not made love to her yet, Howard, but it's a matter of time,” the comedian responded. “That's the sort of thing that'll get in the newspaper!”

However, that sound bite wasn’t enough to please Stern! He continued to try and get Brand to spill some rather intimate details about the “Firework” singer.

"So, help me, Howard Stern, I will not compromise my ex-wife's vagina for the sake of ratings!” Brand said, standing his ground. “That woman was perfect from top to bottom!”

Hmm, wonder if John Mayer would have shown as much restraint?

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