Rose McGowan: A Candid Conversation About Food, Booze, and Her Secret Hobby

Rose McGowan leads a "charmed life," but she's far from your typical A-list star.

The 39-year-old opened up to omg! in a candid interview over a couple glasses of Apothic Rosé wine at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City and dished about everything from redecorating homes to her obsession with pasta and Taco Bell.

No joke: she can recite her Taco Bell take-out order on command – "Taco Fresca and Bean and Cheese Burrito, no onions, add sour cream, two dollars and 46 cents at the window, thank you" – and enjoy a couple glasses of wine on a Friday night, just like the next girl.

Since we're toasting with wine, you obviously like to drink it, right?
Rosé is actually primarily what I do drink. I’ll drink it all season, so what’s great about this Apothic Rosé, is that it’s cool that they’re calling it after me – just kidding – but it’s a limited edition… so it makes it kind of extra special.

Are you a two-glass wine girl?
I’m a two-glass girl.

After two glasses, there's a chance that one makes bad decisions…

Well, after two glasses, then there’s another decision. If you get to the third glass, then you have a bad decision of getting to the next glass, and then you have a bad, bad day the next day. I get hung over really easily.

Have you ever made a bad decision after drinking wine?
I’ve noticed that my IQ goes down about 10 to 15 points with each glass of wine. So if we go past two, yeah. I think everyone’s kissed somebody that you really regret, right? Then you see them the next day or, for me, get a photo with someone, and you’re like, what was I thinking? Oh my god. That’s definitely [the worst]. I don’t have beer goggles, but you can have wine goggles. I’m not a beer girl.

Why not beer?

It’s not classy. It’s just not. I just feel like it’s not chic.

We're talking about booze, but what about food? Do you ever cook for anyone?
I do. I only know how to make pasta, though, because I grew up in Italy. I probably eat pasta five or six days a week, like usually before I go to bed. And somehow I don’t gain weight.

That’s pretty impressive.
I think growing up in Italy, you just metabolize it differently and you just get used to it. Last night I had a huge bowl of pasta at the hotel and then passed out. I could live on pasta.

Let's talk fashion -- what is chic in your opinion?
I think not caring. I care about things I care about, but I mean, not caring what others think.

You're always switching up your hair color. Which one is your fave?
I probably get the most response when I have really long, pretty, dark hair. I still consider myself, like I have dark hair. It’s tricky, because my boyfriend only likes brunette … In Los Angeles, you’re told that you have to look approachable and palatable, and I realize that I scare all those men anyway. Screw them – I do what I want.

What’s your favorite restaurant right now?
I like Sushi Nozawa, and then I like Jan’s Diner, which is right next to my favorite Taco Bell on Beverly Boulevard by La Cienega. I eat really high-end food and then Taco Bell.

We know you like real estate. Does Ginnifer Goodwin really live in your old house?

Well, actually Rachel Bilson bought it from me. Then Busy Philipps bought it from her. And then Ginnifer lives there now. It’s like only actresses live there. It’s really funny. It's my house that I bought and restored.

Each of you has such a unique sense of style….

Probably. It was funny when I sold it, since it was the first house I totally restored. The night that it closed, I had nightmares that Rachel Bilson went to Pottery Barn and put in purple velvet curtains.

Do you like to buy houses and redecorate them?

I do. I restore 1920s houses primarily. I’ve done four so far.

How would you describe your style?

Well, now my house is from 1961, and it’s all very ‘70s. It’s very Halston. It’s kind of a rebirth. I went through a big breakup and some other stuff, and I just needed a total and complete change. It's kind of like I wanted Palm Springs in L.A., but I wanted it with like a real ‘70s chic French and Italian sensibility, not ‘70s American. The 1970s Italian and French [style] is very money.

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