Robert Pattinson: ‘I Don’t Ever Feel the Need to Forgive’

Robert Pattinson isn't naming names or pointing fingers, but he's opening up about his unique views on forgiveness.

Not long ago, the 27-year-old "Twilight" actor and Kristen Stewart were the stuff of Hollywood fairytales, an on-screen couple even hotter off-screen. But, when Kristen became the center of a public cheating scandal nearly a year ago, the couple was forced to battle out their relationship in the press.

While Rob managed to take K.Stew back eventually, the two called things off once again several months later. Now that they seem to be living separate lives, has he forgiven and forgotten?

"I don't ever feel the need to forgive or expect people to be," Pattinson confessed to Australia's Sunday Style. "I judge people on their actions. I don't really care if it's wrong or right, I give them the benefit of the doubt. If they do something I can't be bothered to deal with, I just cut them out."

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