Rihanna Wears ‘Double Top’ Jeans From Her Own Line … Are They Ugly? Or Is It Just Us?

Rihanna can pretty much get away with wearing anything … except maybe this.

On Monday night, the “Stay” singer donned one of her own fashion creations – “double top” jeans – at a party in London to promote her new River Island collection, and it had heads turning for all the wrong reasons.

According to the item’s description on River Island’s site, the unique waist – which is made to look like two pairs of jeans layered on top of each other – is a “cool take on mixing denim” that is a “huge spring trend ready-made,” although we’d have to disagree.

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But, then again, what do we know? (According to a couple of fashion experts we spoke with, we’re fashion illiterate.)

Jay McCarroll, who won the first season of “Project Runway,” tells omg! that “double top” jeans, while not his personal design aesthetic, are already a popular street trend, and that Rihanna’s take “comes across as sort of, dare I say, refined and actually sort of cute. At the end of the day, you can't knock a gal for pursuing any business opportunity that comes her way. I just wish I had this idea ... she's probably going to make a zillion dollars off of those jeans!"

And he’s not alone. Another “Project Runway” alum, Michael Costello, is also not immediately saying “Auf Wiedersehen” to Rihanna’s polarizing look.

“I like how she can set trends and make them look so easy to wear when sometimes you see them in a department store and wonder, ‘Who in the world would wear that?’” he tells omg! “Rihanna, I believe, is really a style icon and pushes the boundaries of fashion and adds her own eclectic unique style and personality to everything she does including her fashion line. If you ask me, the double jeans work for her.”

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However, Costello adds that this doesn’t mean they’d look the same way on the everyday woman. “The cut of the jeans is more likely to accommodate women who are a size 0-2,” he explains. “Even if they are a loose-fit denim cut jean, the design is implicated to compliment the model body.”

That would explain why the “double top” jeans, which retail for $150, are sold-out on River Island’s website through size 10 U.K., which in America translates to sizes 2, 4, and 6.

What do you think of the “double top” look? And would you pay that kind of money for the fad?

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