Rihanna Defends Chris Brown Relationship: ‘We Value Each Other’

Chris Brown is Rihanna’s man whether you like it or not.

The songstress opened up about the current state of her relationship with the R&B singer who famously beat her nearly four years ago. And, much to the horror of many, that status is that they’re totally together.

“I decided it was more important for me to be happy," she tells the new issue of Rolling Stone. "I wasn't going to let anybody's opinion get in the way of that. Even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake.”

If you think your outrage somehow makes a difference, think again. “After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I'd rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it," she says.

On the plus side, Rihanna also goes on to outline some of the major differences between her relationship now from what it was in 2009.

“It's different now. We don't have those types of arguments anymore,” she explains. “We talk about s***. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don't want to lose that."

Thankfully, the 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer promises that Brown won’t get another chance if he repeats his previous behavior.

"He doesn't have the luxury of f***ing up again," she says. "That's just not an option. I can't say that nothing else will ever go wrong. But I'm pretty solid in the knowing that he's disgusted by that. And I wouldn't have gone this far if I ever thought that was a possibility."

Speaking of things going wrong, Brown, 23, is currently under investigation for assault following a scuffle with fellow artist Frank Ocean outside a recording studio on Sunday. Ocean reportedly now wants to press charges against Brown. Brown was photographed on Tuesday with his hand in a cast.

For more on Rihanna’s relationship with Brown, as well as her music, check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone on newsstands Friday.

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