Are Rachel Bilson’s New Neck Tattoos For Real?

Rachel Bilson isn't known for making frightening fashion choices, which would probably explain the Internet freak-out when she was spotted Tuesday with new tattoos … on her neck!

In a week where celebrities just keep surprising us, we couldn't help but be floored when we saw photos of the "Hart of Dixie" star — who's known for her chic and classically conservative style — arriving at LAX sporting four different colored star tattoos down the left side of her neck.
The stars — one large blue, one large red, one small blue, and one large green — seem like an unfortunate blip on her otherwise gorgeous body. But Bilson is no Bieber or Brown — would she actually get such tacky tats in such a prominent place?

Fortunately, omg! can confirm that the new ink is not permanent, but rather, just part of an upcoming role! Phew!

Other than the new neck attire, the actress looked her usual casual-yet-stylish self, arriving in Los Angeles with her mom dressed in a multi-colored oversized cable knit sweater, black sweatpants, a navy blue baseball cap, and flip flops.

Bilson seems to be getting more serious about her personal life lately, having appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan's May 2013 issue where she talked about her plans for the future.

"I definitely have family on the brain," said the TV doctor, who was engaged to actor Hayden Christensen in 2008 before calling it off in 2010 and reuniting with him a few months later. The couple remains together after six years of dating. "Having kids is something I want to see in my future — I hope," she added.

Another revelation she made to the mag? "I secretly want to be a rapper," she said with a laugh.

Maybe she'll get that chance to rap for this new role? The tattoos would certainly make it seem like a possibility!

After all, we can't help but be obsessed with Bilson's blossoming rap career. Check out her awesome Funny or Die video, below!

Call Me Doctor with Rachel Bilson from Rachel Bilson

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