Questlove’s Instagram Catches Hollywood at Play

The social media landscape is pretty crowded when it comes to celebrity.

Between Beyonce's Tumblr posts, Rihanna's Twitter rants or Jessica Chastain's polite Facebook updates, it can be difficult farming out the best of what stars have to offer on the various platforms.

So that's why we're taking the guesswork out for you: Questlove's Instagram is where it's at!

The towering drummer and DJ has long been popular for his humor and sweet demeanor, but he's fast becoming one of Hollywood's most subtle behind-the-scenes photographers.

Take Tuesday, for instance, when Beyoncé Knowles premiered her HBO documentary "Life Is But a Dream" in New York.

Fine Arts auction house Christie's played host to a screening and exclusive afterparty that was attended by Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Angela Bassett, and Chris Rock.

Though the press was kept at bay and only a single camera was allowed to roam the event, there was Questlove -- uploading shots of Solange and Bey dancing behind the DJ booth, himself rubbing elbows with the likes of Arianna Huffington.

His access to such events is obviously by request, and the resulting posts are always organic. The subjects never seem imposed upon, and if anything convey an appreciation for the photographer that lets us in on the fun being had.

In short: the account is a rare social diary, and we get to go along for the ride.

Quest's Instagram saw its breakthrough moment in October, when he revealed piece by piece the whimsical forest wedding of actors Amber Tamblyn and David Cross.

Through the generous light of vintage filters we were treated to glimpses of the bride's yellow wedding gown, famous guests like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and a custom wedding cake that had the couple interpreted as animated foxes.

Not only was it an ultra-modern way to spell out a showbiz wedding, but a surprisingly gentle one without gratuitous mentions of event planners and designers, or overt name-dropping of high profile pals.

Since then, Questlove has let us in on news anchor Brian Williams beaming with pride at the "Girls" premiere over his actress daughter Allison, Eddie Murphy enjoying a rare public outing, and Jason Sudeikis doing a little charity work.

It may be Quest's private world, but we're more than happy to share in it.

Wanna see Questlove crush it at his dayjob? Here's a playlist he designed for the lovers, as featured on Rdio.

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