Photo Agency Nixes Pic of Evan Rachel Wood’s Sonogram After Feeling Her Fury on Twitter

Score one for celebs in the war against paparazzi.

Evan Rachel Wood was rightfully upset Wednesday when a photo agency sold pictures of her that showed the actress carrying her sonogram. A handful of media outlets picked up the shot, in which Wood, 25, was pictured smiling as she carried the very visible and intimate photo in her hand back to her car.

Wood took to Twitter to express her frustration:

It seems as though Wood eventually got what she wanted (for the most part). Most outlets that initially published the photo (such as The Daily Mail) have since taken their posts down. Also the photo agency that initially sold the shots to media outlets have since removed them from their website.

After initially denying reports she was pregnant, Wood announced in early January that she and husband Jamie Bell were expecting their first child together. The couple married just this past October.

“The Wrestler” actress tweeted last month:

It seems like these paparazzi shots were a pretty clear example of invasion of privacy: do you agree?

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