Pamela Anderson and Ex Rick Salomon Are ‘Best Friends With Benefits’

All's well that ends well... at least for Pamela Anderson.

The former "Baywatch" beauty-turned activist explained her somewhat nontraditional relationship with her ex-husband during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Thursday.

When the host asked Anderson about her recent (topless!) beach adventure with Rick Salomon in Biarritz, France, the blond bombshell explained that no one over there cares about nudity. But when Ellen moved on to the nature of Anderson's relationship with Salomon, the star was less forthcoming.

"Well, you know," she mused coyly as she fiddled to remove the rather odd red cape she'd been wearing.

But Ellen wasn't letting her off the hook that easily. "Are you back together?" she asked.

"I say we're best friends" Pamela replied.

"Best friends with benefits," Ellen added.

"With benefits," Anderson confirmed with a laugh as DeGeneres jumped in. "So that's good that you're friends with your ex-husband."

"Yeah, I don't want to meet anyone else," the star admitted.

DeGeneres couldn't help but note that Pamela seems to have a habit of going back to the same guys. Case in point: Salomon and Anderson got hitched back in October 2007, but she filed for divorce only two months later (making their marriage even shorter than the Kardashian-Humphries 72-day debacle), and she has been notoriously on-again, off-again in previous relationships including those with Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

"It's recycling!" Anderson joked. "No, I'm very happy. We're happy. He's a great guy."

We can't help but wonder why she divorced him after 60 days six years ago if he's such a great guy, but it seems like whatever issues they had have been worked out — for now, at least.