Original Sentencing Judge Jackie Glass Says O.J. Simpson Deserves to Stay in Jail

Jackie Glass is the judge who presided over the trial that sent O.J. Simpson to jail in 2008, who sentenced Simpson to 9 to 33 years in federal prison on conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

In an exclusive new interview with "omg! Insider" correspondent Christina McLarty, Glass shares her opinion on Simpson's current hearing in Nevada to have his conviction overturned.

"A jury found him guilty of many serious charges and when you are convicted of those charges the only option, as a judge, was to send him to prison," Glass states. "Because of the jury’s verdict, O.J. deserves to be in prison."

Those are stern words indeed from Glass, who's more than familiar with the case and with Simpson. O.J.'s testimony continued today, and tomorrow his former attorney Yale Galanter will take the stand. Galanter's the man O.J. blames for having given him bad legal advice.

"I watched that trial because I was the judge that presided over it and I saw the legal work that was done," explains Glass. "Yale Galanter is a fine lawyer and did an outstanding job. The evidence in that case was overwhelming."

"Does he have a chance?" McLarty asks. "Does he have a case here, and what could happen?"

Unfortunately for O.J., Glass doesn't think he has much of a case. "My opinion is no. The judge that's hearing this listens," she continues. "She knows O.J. is trying to get out of prison and that he – like all the other people who try to get out of prison – are gonna say things so that they can get out. That's what's going on here."

As for his haggard appearance, Glass has a funny opinion on why the 65-year-old Simpson is looking so rough.

"He's been in prison – it's not a spa," Glass jokes. "He doesn't get facials and massages. He doesn't get good food. This is a man who is in a locked facility, with limited time outside with not good quality food. It doesn't look to me that he's been exercising much lately. So, what happens, concerning his age, I'm not surprised he looks the way he does."

Despite his current appearance, Glass acknowledges that Simpson still carries his same old swagger.

"That's just his personality. That's how O.J. is and just because he's been in a locked facility doesn't mean that that has left him. That's the very core of O.J. Simpson."

As for the public's fascination with Simpson? Glass doesn't get it, but she does understand it.

"I don't have the fascination with O.J. that everybody else seems to have," Glass notes. "I understand why people are enthralled with this. He didn't speak during the first trial, he didn't speak during our trial, and this is the first time really that the world has heard O.J. Simpson speak and I think that's why people were watching yesterday -- to see what would come out of his mouth."

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