Oprah Winfrey Injured by Birthday Gift From Tyler Perry

Oprah Winfrey received so much birthday love that she sustained an injury!

While celebrating her 59th birthday on Tuesday, the OWN honcho received a massive flower delivery from her pal Tyler Perry. However, while moving it to the perfect spot in her Montecito, California, mansion – which was inundated with beautiful bouquets and gifts from friends – she suffered a back injury that has left her down for the count.

Responding to a fan’s tweet about how she spent her birthday, Oprah tweeted, “In bed with an ice pack most of today. Moved a bushel of roses sent by @tylerperry and sprained a back muscle.”

It was no surprise that the director felt bad to hear that his gift caused the Queen of Talk to hurt herself. “I feel so bad,” Perry wrote on Facebook Wednesday. “I like to send really large flower arrangements to people for whatever occasion. Well, I sent one to Oprah yesterday for her birthday. She strained her back picking it up. No joke! Feel better Oprah. Happy birthday. Sorry.”

Perry added that when Oprah turns 60 next year, he’ll be changing up his gift giving. “Next year I'm sending her one rose.”

Oprah replied to Perry’s apology, writing, “No need to feel bad. Love the roses and got an extra day in bed. Can you say #icepack?”

In actuality, Oprah had planned to spend much of her birthday lounging around anyway. Early in the day she posted a photo of her – in her pajamas – having lunch with her longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham.

“No plans to leave p.j.'s all day,” she noted.

Let’s hope she’s recovered in time for the Super Bowl. She teased earlier this week that she was putting the “finishing touches” on a commercial that will air during the big game.

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