Olivia Wilde on Jason Sudeikis: ‘I Like Having a Real Partner’

Olivia Wilde may have been married for eight years to Italian prince Tao Ruspoli (whom she wed when she was just 19), but it sounds like she's finally found her Prince Charming in former "Saturday Night Live" castmember Jason Sudeikis.

"I like having a real partner. It's the model I grew up with. It's part of why I was able to take so many chances in my life, because I felt like someone was watching my back. I could never imagine life without someone I respect, someone who offers me infinite possibilities," the 29-year-old tells InStyle of her 37-year-old fiancé, whom she's been with for nearly two years.

Though she admits there are challenges that come with having two people involved in show business in a relationship. (Incidentally, Sudeikis was previously married to actress and "30 Rock" writer Kay Cannon, while Wilde's ex Ruspoli was a filmmaker.) "There are spikes and dips and plateaus in this business. I've seen couples fall apart through it, and it is heartbreaking," Wilde says in magazine's August issue. "You wonder what will happen — will he love me if I'm not as successful? Will jealousy kill us? I know there will be times when Jason is working more than I am, but I'm actually excited by that. I'm excited by what he will become, what depth he has."

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Though "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" actress hasn't revealed exactly when she'll tie the knot, she's clearly not in any rush. "I love this engagement thing," she smiles. "It's like its own period in my life, and I really want to inhabit it."

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Considering the interview is with InStyle, Wilde, not surprisingly, talks about her own style … and the fact it's really evolved over the years. And we mean really.

"I used to dress like [bluesman] John Lee Hooker, with wide-collared polyester shirts and corduroy suits. Boys were my role models back then," she shares. "I have the torso of a tall woman and the lower body of a short woman. Who knows what evolutionary purpose I've been made for?"

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But don't worry, bridesmaids, you won't be stuck wearing a corduroy suit at her wedding … or a typical bridesmaids dress, claims the actress.

Wilde says she promises to skip "that tortured tradition of forcing them to wear a ridiculous dress they'll never wear again," and will instead give her gal pals, "a real creation tailored for each of them. They can dye it black or purple and wear it forever."

Sorry Olivia, we've heard that one before from many a bride … and we've still never worn it again.

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