That’s Not Iron Man! Robert Downey Jr. Unwittingly Disappoints Young Fan

Iron Man has a really cool red and gold metallic suit that allows him to fly and do all sorts of neat stuff. Robert Downey Jr. does not. And that's the trouble for young Jaxson Denno.

Denno, who is 18 months old, got a lesson in real life vs. reel life on Thursday when he came face to face with Downey while the actor was in the Western Massachusetts community of Sunderland filming his upcoming comedy-drama "The Judge."

Heather Denno, Jaxson's mom and a resident of Sunderland, heard from her husband that Downey was in the neighborhood, and he took her son out for a walk in hopes of meeting the actor. "My husband’s a huge 'Iron Man' fan," Denno told the Boston Globe. "He said you have to take Jaxson down to see Iron Man."

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Turns out Downey was indeed nearby, and happy to talk to Jaxson. But Jaxson, promised a meeting with Iron Man, instead was introduced to a guy in a polo shirt and jeans who didn’t even have Tony Stark's cool-guy facial stubble. The result? A crying child who had just experienced disillusion for the first time.

"I said to my son, 'Hey, here’s Iron Man,' but he didn't have the red suit on so Jaxson put his hands over his face and got upset," Denno said.

Denno snapped a picture that caught Jaxson in tears and Downey looking both concerned and dumbfounded. But Heather says Downey handled the situation like a real hero.

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"He was amazing," Denno said. "You could tell he was a father. He was so sweet and nurturing."

Heather's snapshot quickly made its way into the local and national news, though she's still waiting for a payoff from her husband.

"He had joked that if I got a picture with [Downey], he’d give me $100," Denno said. "He still hasn’t paid me."

"The Judge" also stars Robert Duvall, Billy Bob Thornton, and Vera Farmiga, so it could have been worse … Jaxson could have been introduced to Norman Bates's mother. There's no way that could end well.

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