Nina Agdal: 7 Random Things You Should Probably Know

Nina Agdal is just cool. And completely random.

The Denmark-born rising star isn't actually known for that though. You probably better recognize her from her hot new ad campaign for bebe, her Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial, or as the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition's Rookie of the Year.

Or perhaps you know the 21-year-old as that model Adam Levine took on a romantic trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, after he'd broken up with Victoria's Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo, whom he subsequently reunited with and popped the question. Poor Nina reportedly found out about that via text message, but that doesn't seem to be getting her down.

After earning the Rookie of the Year title from Sports Illustrated last year, many thought Nina was poised to take the cover for 2013. While that didn't wind up happening – Kate Upton posed for the second year in a row – Agdal seems ready for big things, so we sat down for a get-to-know-you sesh to learn some of the little things that make her tick.

1. She can be a bit cheesy … and she knows it.
Understanding that every woman – even 5-foot-9 models – looks in the mirror and finds something they'd like to change, we asked Nina what she does to talk herself out of those self-deprecating moments and walk confidently onward. "I think about that there's starving people in the world, and then I am like, 'You should just shut up and be happy with where you are and who you are and what you are doing,'" she told us at a party in New York City for her new #be9to5 campaign for bebe.

Before we could ask another question, she added, "That was very cheesy, but it's honestly the truth. What else are you going to say? I like to put on some lingerie and a shower, too. Stuff like that."

2. She'll eat just about anything.
"I am like the girl in the corner that [my friends] send their plates to. They are like, 'Do you want the rest of it?' And I'll eat it." We should note that she said this as we both nibbled on tasty desserts from rice krispie treat snack company, Treat House.

3. She likes spicy food … but for practical reasons.
Some people just like the taste. For Nina, ramping up the heat is actually work-related. "I like spicy food a lot because I heard that it speeds up your metabolism," she explained. "That's why I eat it. I am like, 'This is good for you!'"

4. She puts what on her salad?!
Move over balsamic vinaigrette! When Nina's around, there's a new dressing in town: Tabasco sauce. "It got to the point where my taste buds are so used to the spice that I put it on my salad," she laughed. "I don't think I count shakes – I think we count like breaking the bottle and putting it all over it."

5. She doesn't dance.
"I don't like dancing," she confessed. "I'm like that awkward girl in the corner."

6. OK, maybe she does dance, but only when no one's looking.
"I think a classic like 'Put Your Records On' by Corinne Bailey Rae just makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me dance even though I don't dance … like when my curtains are down and there's no one in my apartment."

7. She'll still go to a dance, but only to help a friend.
While Agdal convinced us she really doesn't dance, we're not so sure her pal Kate Upton knows that. When the two-time S.I. Swimsuit Edition cover girl was unable to go to the prom with a YouTube-asking fan as initially promised, she sent her pal Nina. While something tells us there was no big "Cat Daddy" moments at the kid's school function, we'd say that young Jake Davidson – who called her "the perfect date" – was still a pretty lucky fella.

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