Nick Cannon on Amanda Bynes: ‘It’s Sad’

If you've been following the saga of Amanda Bynes, you know now that the troubled former child star has been spiraling out of control lately — altering her appearance, frequently posting bizarre comments and photos on Twitter, getting arrested for throwing drug paraphernalia out the window and then accusing police of sexually harassing her — leaving the world wondering how a beautiful young actress could have fallen so far.

Nick Cannon — who befriended Bynes back in the '90s when she was acting on and he was writing for the kids' TV series "All That" — is wondering the same thing.

"That's like my little sister. To see someone you've seen at 9, you know she was running around with a snotty nose and now to see her like that, it's like wow, man. It's sad," the 32-year-old said on SiriusXM’s "The Howard Stern Show" on Tuesday.While Cannon says he attempted to reach out to Bynes recently, he ran into problems figuring out who to even contact.

"That's the thing, she doesn't have any of her people anymore and it's sad because what happens … you get to a point in this industry where you feel like all the people that have been around you, you can no longer trust them. You get caught up in your own head and you start believing your own s--t and then that's where it goes all bad because there's no one there to create balance," Cannon explained. "And if there's someone who really does care for you, you don't trust that person. You think that person's out to get you or out to get your money and when that person is your parent, that's way crazy."

When Stern asked his fellow "America's Got Talent" staffer if he'd ever experienced the same paranoia as a young star, Cannon insisted he hadn't. "Nah, because I'm normal, I mean I'm normal but it doesn't matter. My father is crazy, my mom is crazy, but I'm gonna always give them the utmost respect and if they tell me something I'm gonna listen."

Except when it came to marrying a certain pop star after just a month of dating.

"Everybody thought I was out of my mind. They were like, 'He's off the rocker, he went there,'" Cannon explained And when loved ones tried to sit him down to talk him out of rushing into marriage with now-wife Mariah Carey, he simply didn't listen.

"It was out of passion, I truly felt like I was in love with this woman I had a connection and most people would consider it crazy but, you know, that was something crazy that I did."

Five years and 2-year-old twins later, it's looking like that crazy decision was the right one.

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