Naya Rivera Goes Nuts as Her Brother Scores His First NFL Touchdown

Naya Rivera Goes Nuts as Her Brother Scores His First NFL Touchdown

In case there was any doubt that Naya Rivera is completely awesome (which there wasn't) this should put it to rest. The "Glee" star and aspiring recording artist took a break from her packed schedule to cheer on her baby brother as he scored his first professional touchdown in the NFL on Sunday.

Naya's younger sibling, 23-year-old rookie Mychal Rivera, plays tight end for the Oakland Raiders. During the second quarter in their game against the Washington Redskins, he scored his inaugural touchdown, putting the Raiders up 14-0.

Not too shabby, indeed.

The moment the play was completed, Naya bolted down from her luxury box seat waving her arms in the air and cheering like mad as she watched Mychal celebrate with his teammates in the end zone. Like a true fan, the 26-year-old beauty was clad in head-to-toe Raiders gear (including a crop top that showcased her mind-blowing abs) as she shouted, "F--k yeah!" through a beaming smile. She was soon joined by their mother, but Yolanda kept her language clean.

We can only assume Naya's unbridled enthusiasm made Mychal's big moment that much sweeter. Which brings us to our only question: Is there anything these two Rivera kids can't do? So far, the answer is no.

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