MTV Movie Awards: Secrets From Inside the Auditorium

From Rebel Wilson's rousing opening number to Brad Pitt's shimmery gold flyaway hairs, there was plenty to see on this year's MTV Movie Awards telecast.

But omg! was in the audience, and we've got a rundown on what didn't make it -- or, at very least, was censored -- on this year's big show.

Aubrey Plaza: Most Wanted. What was the deal with Plaza and Will Ferrell?

Ferrell was on hand to accept the show's Comedic Genius prize when, halfway through his acceptance speech, "Parks and Recreation" actress Plaza bum-rushed the stage.

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Barefoot with drink in hand and the title of her new movie, "The To Do List," scrawled on her décolletage, she silently tried to wrestle the trophy from Will for a few awkward moments. She then returned to her seat, spilled her drink, and the speech went on.

Contrary to rumors, it was not a stunt dreamed up by show producers. During the next commercial, Plaza was escorted by security from the Sony Pictures lot, where the ceremony was being broadcast live. MTV News reported that she was cooperative as she was led out.

Like Taylor Lautner's pocket junk, and "full moon"? "The Twilight Saga" took its Movie Awards bow on Sunday, as Lautner was the last qualifying cast member to get nominated for an award from the shuttered franchise.

He nabbed a golden popcorn trophy for Best Shirtless Performance (he was a shoo-in!) and decided to greet the honor with a gag beer gut. Rifling through his pockets looking for a speech, a slew of goods fell out. What were they?

Candy, including Twizzlers and Lemonheads, and a few VIP wristbands scattered everywhere.

And while the cameras gave him a more forgiving angle as he put his popcorn beside him onstage, he definitely half-mooned the crowd as his jeans slipped.

Ahh -- but that was part of his joke, too! He was also rocking a fake rear.

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How did Seth Rogen's, uh, crotch wig stay on? Rogen, who presented the shirtless award to Lautner with Danny McBride and Zac Efron, boasted about his anatomy with the men -- soon dropping trou to reveal a massive pubic wig (aka merkin).

A quick flash of an elastic waistband confirmed to omg! that Rogen didn't go the hot glue route, but rocked the wig belt-style. Won't you sleep easier now? And as long as we're on the hair train...

Brad Pitt's attention span. He of the aforementioned golden flyaways, Pitt, closed the show by presenting Best Movie to Marvel's 'The Avengers." Make no mistake, Brad was in the house to begin paving the box office road to his June epic "World War Z."

But that doesn't mean he didn't have some fun. A production assistant assigned to show Pitt his mark and point out the prompter seemed stressed moments before the live show resumed for Brad's spot. Why?

The A-lister wouldn't stop playing with the audience. Slapping high fives, blowing kisses and working every angle of the fan area, Pitt and his public were having a big ole love fest. But he got it together when the cameras rolled.

Kerry Washington's on-stage scandal. Another golden PA moment came when "Django Unchained" actress Washington paid tribute to this year's Generation Award winner Jamie Foxx.

After Kerry said some kind words to set up a clip package from a riser, she made her way centerstage with the help of a nice young man in a headset -- who bulldozed the yellow train of her Michael Kors dress. She teetered for a few tense seconds but regained her balance, and the PA carefully inspected the gown for footprints.

She smiled throughout.

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