What New Mom Hilary Duff Liked Most About Working on ‘Two and a Half Men’

On the upcoming season finale of "Two and a Half Men," Hilary Duff guest stars as a woman trying to get the attention of Walden -- played by hottie Ashton Kutcher -- with no luck.

"I didn't do any kissing!" the wife of hockey player Mike Comrie tells omg! with a laugh. "My character was trying to real hard, though, and she kept getting declined!"

Duff, who appeared alongside Kutcher in the 2003 movie "Cheaper by the Dozen," was thrilled to get the chance to work with him again. Despite his "Punk'd" persona, she says he's actually "a really deep guy."

Aside from Kutcher, the thing Duff, 25, perhaps loved most about filming the episode, which airs May 9, is the schedule.

"I would get to go be with my son at the park and be finished by three o'clock in the afternoon," she says of the gig.

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Since Duff gave birth to Luca in May 2012, it's a requirement that anything the actress/singer/author does allows time for family.

In fact, the former "Lizzie McGuire" star has already made plans for celebrating Mother's Day with the family, where she'll be soaking up the sun on a beach vacation.

She'll also be thinking of her mom, Susan, who she's always been close with and appreciates even more since becoming a mother herself.

"When I met Luca for the first time something just clicked when I looked at my mom," Duff shares. "There's a new found respect for the amount of love they have for you because you finally understand it!"

Naturally, Duff turned to her mom for support in the early stages of motherhood to learn how to do such things as putting Luca on a schedule and swaddling him correctly so that he wouldn't fuss.

Now she's working with Johnson's Baby Cares -- the charitable foundation of Johnson's Baby -- to make sure all moms feel supported. The company is making personalized ecards available for people to send to their favorite moms, with the promise it will donate $1 for every card sent, shared, or liked to the global humanitarian organization Save the Children.

Duff's empathy for new moms extends to celebrity moms-to-be, such as Kim Kardashian, whose body has constantly been critiqued during pregnancy. Obviously, Duff knows how that feels.

"People can be so mean. I'm so sick of the obsession with bodies and weight," Duff says. "Pregnancy is hard. It's joyous and it's also hard, and every woman wears it differently. … [We] shouldn't take away someone's happiness while they're having an important experience in their life by judging their weight."

Becoming a mommy was obviously a major milestone for Duff, but it hasn't kept her from her many other passions. Her young adult book "True," the third in a series, hit stores this month, and there may be another album soon.

"I'm starting to get back into the studio again," she shares. "I want to work on my music, but it's tough to be pulled away from Luca. Whatever I work on, I want it to be worth missing time with him."

Spoken like a true mom.

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