Mischa Barton Trying to Rent Out Her Beverly Hills Mansion for $35K a Month

Last we checked, Mischa Barton had starred in the teen drama “The O.C.” … and not much else since (at least not much anyone’s seen).

So how did the actress end up buying an 8-bedroom Beverly Hills home for $6.4 million? We’re not exactly sure either.

Barton purchased the 7,607-square-foot estate in 2005 and tried to sell it for nearly $8.7 million in 2010. Since that year happened to be right in the middle of the real estate downturn, she – not surprisingly – wasn’t able to sell the place. Another try in 2011 was met with more failure.

Barton’s latest attempt at squeezing some cash out of the house is to rent it. According to real estate website Zillow, the 27-year-old has listed it for $35,000 a month.

Interested? The Spanish-style home (which, as you can see from the photos, is decorated in rather ornate fashion with lots of wrought iron, canopy beds, and pleated curtains) includes multiple fireplaces, lots of lush outdoor space, a large pool, and amazing views all the way out to Catalina Island.

If Barton does manage to find that wealthy someone to sign a lease, she may very well move across the pond. The London-born actress is slated to star in two upcoming British films – “For Hire” and “Tomorrow,” though, according to IMDb, she is the only actor currently signed on for either.

Barton has also worked as a model, appearing in multiple print campaigns for fashion lines and has dabbled in designing. In 2011, she announced she’d be opening a boutique in London, but as far we can tell, it never opened. And in recent years she’s run into multiple legal troubles, some odder than others. She was arrested in late 2007 for DUI in Los Angeles and in 2009 was involuntarily held for psychiatric evaluation for a brief time.

In 2011, a “nursing company” sued Barton for $95,000 in unpaid bills. TMZ recently reported the company had provided nurses to Barton to serve as sober coaches and keep the actress sober in preparation for a 2009 gig . (She starred in the short-lived CW series “The Beautiful Life” that year.)

And if her future tenants decide not to pay the rent, they can always claim they’re giving her a taste of her own medicine. In 2010, Barton’s New York landlord sued her for not paying $21,000, or three months rent.

Three months? A paltry $21,000 would barely get you three weeks at Barton’s place.

See more pics inside Mischa's home below:

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