Michael Moore Divorces Wife After 21 Years

Get ready ladies, Michael Moore is back on the market.

The controversial filmmaker has filed for divorce from Kathleen Glynn, his wife of 21 years.

In addition to being legally married for more than two decades — practically an eternity by Hollywood standards — the couple has worked together on a number of highly successful film projects such as "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 911."

According to the documents Moore filed with the Antrim County Circuit Court near the couple's home in Torch Lake, Michigan, the director claims that they no longer live together and that their relationship has broken down with "no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved."

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His complaint also seeks a temporary order to prevent either of them from selling or transferring assets to others, including stocks, bonds, limited liability companies, real estate, household furniture and works of fine art. In other words, no one's allowed to touch the money.

It's unclear whether Glynn knew this was coming, as she hasn't answered the divorce complaint and does not yet have an attorney of record. Moore, on the other hand, has secured representation with Joseph Aviv and Jason R. Abel of the Bloomfield Hills law firm of Honigman, Miller, Schwartz and Cohn, M Live reports.

According to the firm's own website, Aviv is branded as the state's leading attorney for high net-worth divorcees, which seems like a good move for Moore since this divorce will likely involve millions of dollars, properties, and then some. In fact, the couple's home in Torch Lake alone is valued at $1.2 million. (We have to note the irony that Moore has made a career of films examining, among other things, the rampant financial inequality in our country, though he personally seems to fall in the much-bashed 1 percent.)

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Our bet is that Moore will want to keep details of the eventual settlement quiet so as to avoid any potential public backlash against his wealth, but something tells us that might not be possible.

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