Meet Tom Selleck's Daughter — And No, She Doesn't Have a 'Stache!

The world may know Tom Selleck as the macho man of the '80s with the legendary mustache, but to his daughter, Hannah, he's always been just dad.

Though the actor's equestrian-enthusiast offspring — who turns 25 on Dec. 16 — doesn't desire to be a Hollywood star, she did inherit her father's good looks and has decided to put them to use in a sexy photo shoot for the world's first deodorant for clothes called Reviver.


Hannah, a professional horse show jumper prepping for trials for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, leapt at the chance to represent Reviver's innovative deodorant for clothes offering.

"I … spend a lot of my time at the barn with my horses," says Selleck, who gamely posed with all sorts of stinky objects like a trash bin, gym equipment, and a full mouth of steak for the shoot. "When I found out about Reviver — it was amazing. Now I use it every day after leaving the barn to ensure that my clothes smell fresh."

The Loyola Marymount University grad, whose mom Jillie Mack has been married to her "Blue Bloods" star dad for 26 years (Tom also has an adopted son, Kevin Shepard, from a previous marriage), says that despite growing up with a famous pop, she had a very regular childhood.

"My parents are private and they wanted me to be normal and live a normal childhood so I haven't lived the Hollywood lifestyle," she told horse publication Sidelines last year. "I tried lots of activities when I was young, including ice skating, ballet, soccer and gymnastics. My parents encouraged me to find my own path."

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And having found her path with horses, the aspiring Olympian is in good company when it comes to Hollywood's latest line of not-so-undercover descendants. Fellow famous progeny Scott Eastwood (dad is actor/director Clint) and her good friend Paulina Gretzky (dad is hockey great Wayne) have found their way into the spotlight this year.

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Do we sense a "Hollywood's Next Generation" photo shoot in their future?