Matthew McConaughey Talks Hair Plug Rumors, Exes, and the Joys of ‘Mailbox Money’

If you keep up with Hollywood happenings, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the long-circulating rumor that Matthew McConaughey has hair plugs. Well, he’s heard it too.

In the March issue of Elle, the 43-year-old actor – and staple on those sexy men lists for the last decade – opens up about his famous locks, which he was starting to lose until he found the perfect solution.

“Regenix,” he explains to the Elle writer as he pulls out a bottle of the hair growth treatment during the interview and begins to rub the serum onto his scalp. “Back in 1999, my hair was fallin’ out, so I started this stuff. And son of a gun if I didn’t bring my hair back so well that people think I went and got plugs.”

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Now that his hair is to his liking, the Texan pays special attention to it – so much so that he follows an unusual calendar when it comes to getting trims.

“If you want your hair to be thicker, cut it when the moon is about to be full – a heavy, full, waxing moon,” he advises. “Do not cut it when the moon’s waning. Right now, it’s 14 percent waxing on, it’s a crescent, so you don’t want to cut now. In about 10 days, the moon’s going to be 94 percent full – that’s a great time.”

And, yes, he’s serious.

“Damn right. Why do you think that [farmers] plant at certain times of the year? It’s not hippie-dippie stuff. Look, how do they know when you reap, when you sow, when you plant?”

McConaughey also made sure to pay special attention to his body when it came to dropping over 40 pounds last year for his much-discussed role as a man suffering from AIDS in the indie film "The Dallas Buyers Club.”

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“I got down to 137 pounds,” reveals the actor, who has regained most of the weight. “My body was like a baby bird in its nest with its mouth open, ‘Feed me, feed me...’ Finally it just goes, ‘Damn man, Dad’s not going to feed us!’ The hardest part is, the day seems four hours longer. You’re forced to entertain yourself – because food is entertainment, you know? We spend so much time sublimatin’, thinkin’ about, ‘What am I going to have for lunch, dinner?’”

His grueling diet didn’t cut out all of his favorites though – he still drank red wine, explaining he would have been too difficult to live with had he given that up as well.

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McConaughey is enjoying tackling meatier roles as of late, including the aforementioned “Dallas Buyers Club” as well as “Mud,” which tells the story of a fugitive hiding out on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River. It’s a departure from the romantic comedies he was known for earlier in his career like 2001’s “The Wedding Planner,” 2003’s “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and 2006’s “Failure to Launch.”

He describes roles in those type of chick flicks as “mailbox money,” explaining: “A year after you did it, ‘Look what I got in the mail! Oh, that’s a lot of zeros! Hey babe, we’re goin’ out tonight, we’re partyin’!’”

But now that he’s tackling grittier roles, that’s changed.

“This whole year – good butterflies,” he says, patting his flat stomach. “Not one day in the last six films have I gone: Well, this is a dial-it-in day. Not one day!”

Of course, the topic of love and relationships is touched upon in the profile as well – he is a newlywed after all, having said “I do” to Camila Alves last summer. After musing about “true love,” which he says he felt for the first time as a 12-year-old, he talks about some of his adult relationships prior to settling down with Alves, who is the mother of his three children.

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“I don’t dislike any of my exes,” says McConaughey, who has dated Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, and Penélope Cruz. “If I took time to form a relationship, it’s gonna hurt when we move on, but are you puttin’ Wite-Out over all that beautiful time together? That was real time in your life. It’s connected to where you are today.”

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For more of McConaughey’s interview, pick up the March issue of Elle, on newsstands now.

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