Matthew McConaughey: I Choose My Own Style

Matthew McConaughey is a man that likes to dress himself … with his wife’s approval, of course.

The "Dallas Buyers Club" star was honored with the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala on Saturday, and the actor was a hit with fans.

People lined the block just to get a glimpse of Matthew, chanting his name, and 2,100 guests or so flocking to the couple inside for photos. We watched as he and his wife, Camila Alves, were gracious and kind to each and every one of those fans.

McConaughey looked dapper in a Saint Laurent gold blazer, white button-down shirt, and bow tie.

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"I picked this one out," Matthew told reporters on the red carpet about his look. "I have no idea [what I’ll wear to the Golden Globes]. I'll choose it though.

While he joked that Camila doesn't entirely pick out his suits for him, she definitely influences his fashion choices. Still, the awards season frontrunner told Yahoo he definitely has an appreciation for style. "Who doesn't want to look nice?" he laughed.

Since it's probably not getting dressed up all the time, what does get Matthew excited about awards season?

"Sharing stories about a film, about making a film," he shared on the red carpet.

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When asked, McConaughey also elaborated on how he's been selective about his film choices over the past several years and whether a movie being independent was a draw or not.

"I don't have a rule, it doesn't have to be an independent film,” he said. “It’s independent because a studio said, 'No, it's not mainstream enough.' I like those characters on the sidelines, on the boundaries … You find those more in independent films. Now, a lot of independent films are good medicine. They are good for you. They are important. They are not always entertaining, and I want to make entertaining films … a lot of films and a lot of performances have that combination. They have that importance, history, survival … that's a tough combination to have. Let’s pull that off independent, and let’s pull that off in a studio."

Translation: he will "absolutely” continue to push himself with roles.

"It's fun to go into the unknown,” he told reporters. "We all grow there … Think about it in everyday life. Now, it's a luxury I can do that. My rent's paid, you know what I mean? So I have the luxury of going, 'I don't have to work right now.’ Not everyone has that luxury. Or I have the luxury  of saying, 'Wait a minute, I'm going to go do this other one, it pays a whole lot less, but I can own this in a particular way.’ I’m enjoying it."

So have any life risks or out of the box thinking transpired from that?

"The life risks and adventure have been going on longer than the career,” Matthew said with a smile.

That falls in line perfectly with the guy who said “just keep livin’” at the end of his acceptance speech.