Mark Wahlberg’s Favorite Accessory Is … a Water Bottle?

Back in the ‘90s during his Funky Bunch days, who would have imagined that Marky Mark would one day be the face of a bottled water company. Although, these days, we’re not too surprised. Year after year, he’s often spotted clutching his favorite accessory – his water bottle – at red carpet events, premieres, and even while throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game.

Staying devoted to his H2O has definitely paid off for the 41-year-old actor. Not only has he gotten better looking with age, but he is now the new co-spokesman for AQUAhydrate, an Alkalized electrolyte water company. The other new face of the brand? Mark’s good friend Diddy, who also serves as spokesman for Ciroc Vodka.

Check out this video to hear how Mark persuaded his buddy Sean to get on board the water wagon!

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