Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: 5 Signs There Really Was 'Trouble in Paradise'

Mariah and Nick's last public appearance together in February 2014 (Getty Images)
Mariah and Nick's last public appearance together in February 2014 (Getty Images)

Nick Cannon's revelation on Thursday that his marriage to Mariah Carey is on the rocks wasn't all that surprising to those who know the couple well.

“There is trouble in paradise," the America's Got Talent host exclusively revealed to The Insider With Yahoo. "We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

Cannon also squashed rumors that the problems in his relationship are due to infidelity. "My main focus is my kids," he said of their 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. While declining to comment on their separation, Carey's rep issued a statement simply saying, "Mariah is focusing on her children and her upcoming tour.

So after six years of marriage, what went wrong? It appears that their relationship began to unravel this year.

"There have been problems for a while," one source close to the couple tells Yahoo. "This isn't out of the blue."

Here are five signs that hinted the end was near.

1. Lack of Public Appearances: Cannon and Carey haven't been seen out together in months. In fact, their last official appearance was back in February. They attended an MTV First bash for Mariah's "You're Mine (Eternal)" music video world premiere in New York City.

'4/30!!!!!!!! Festivity and such' Mariah posted in a since-deleted Twit-pic (Twitter)
'4/30!!!!!!!! Festivity and such' Mariah posted in a since-deleted Twit-pic (Twitter)

2. No Love on Valentine's Day: The couple spent the romantic holiday apart, and it clearly wasn't Mariah's decision.

"I will be sitting at home alone, just alone, pining away, being like, 'Thanks, Nick, hope you're having fun at All-Star Weekend,'" Carey told Entertainment Tonight about her very unromantic plans. "I can't be mad at him, he's working, you know? I know a lot of people that don't work at all. So, let's be happy that the man is working and I know he'll be with us, and he's in our hearts."

This wasn't a one-time complaint by the singer about the issue, either. When Ryan Seacrest asked her about her V-Day plans, she replied: “The abandoner is going to be somewhere else. And by abandoner, I mean Nicholas Scott Cannon. I was giving him beep about it all day. I’ll be alone with the babies, but they’re my Valentines anyway.”

An insider tells Yahoo, "Nick spending too much time away from home is one of the issues that drove a wedge between the two."

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3. Nick's Oversharing: Clearly, Cannon isn't familiar with the rule you should never kiss and tell, which applies to his wife... and his past conquests.

While visiting The Howard Stern Show in April, the radio host asked his AGT pal what gets Mariah peeved.

"It's the small things [Mariah gets mad at]," Nick revealed. "She doesn't care when I talk about our sex life, because our sex life is amazing. She's one of the most beautiful women in the world… When we bring up other people's names, and I understand why… I got in a lot of trouble and I got to stop talking about my past."

Then, on "Big Boy TV" in March, Cannon was asked to name five famous people he has slept with.

“Mariah Carey," he proudly replied. "Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks… oh, Kim Kardashian!”

Not surprisingly, Carey wasn't exactly thrilled about her husband's revelation.

Stern theorized that hearing Kim's name on the list probably ticked off Mariah the most, but Cannon insisted it wasn't the reality star who upset his wife.

"She [doesn't] even know who Kim Kardashian is!" Nick exclaimed. "She doesn't pay attention to that. It's more about the fact, why spend time on my past?"

He continued, "I did apologize for hurting her feelings… I did apologize for being insensitive."

Still, some reports on Thursday claimed those admissions humiliated Mariah and their relationship never recovered. Perhaps that's why her lawyers are allegedly trying make Nick sign a confidentiality agreement so he can't dish about their divorce... if and when it happens.

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4. Disappearing Social Media Act: The usually PDA-centric couple featured less and less of their significant other on Twitter and Instagram. Mariah's last post about Nick came on June 14. " Happy Early Father's Day!!" she shared alongside the below family photo.

Meanwhile, Nick deleted his Instagram account amid separation speculation. Sweet messages like, "Wow I am the luckiest and most blessed man on the planet! Today is my 6th anniversary of being married to my dream girl! And Everyday just keeps getting better! Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife @mariahcarey I Love You!!! #KKLB#WonderLand," appeared online no more

5. Unloading Property: The couple sold their 3-acre, 7-bedroom Bel Air mansion in California for $10 million in July (they listed it six months prior). Their home in the Bahamas — which was purchased by Carey before the two tied the knot — is also reportedly up for sale.

According to various outlets, once an agreement is reached between the two parties over property settlements and custody arrangements, a divorce announcement is expected.