Which Magic Tricks Did Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher Learn on the Set of ‘Now You See Me’?

Every job has its perks, perhaps more so in Hollywood. Think of all the breakfast and dinner tables that will now be dazzled by the magic skills of Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, and Jesse Eisenberg.

The three stars of "Now You See Me," the new film about magicians pulling off big heists, got some impressive takeaways from their time on set.

"I can do a few card tricks for [my kids]," Fisher told omg! at the film's Hollywood screening on Thursday, referring to she and husband Sacha Baron Cohen's daughters, Olive, 5, and Elula, 2.

"But I haven't got the best dexterity," she continued. "Dave Franco, however, can slice a banana in half with a playing card."

And what about Ruffalo, whose brood includes son Keen, 12, and daughters Bella, 8, and Odette, 6?

"I can do a few tricks at the dinner table but I need props," Ruffalo said of his training. "I can make a toothpick disappear behind a napkin. Which is super impressive if you're 8."

While Academy Award nominee Eisenberg doesn't have a family of his own yet, we asked what he'd show off on a first date.

"Well, what has everyone else said they learned?" he posed. We told him about Franco.

"Then I can slice a banana in half with a playing card," he said.

We're not going to complain — some reporters get a lot more heat from Jesse when he's not that interested in answering a question .

"Now You See Me," which also stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Common, and Woody Harrelson, reveals itself in theaters on May 30.

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