Lindsay Lohan Strikes Plea Deal to Serve 90 Days in Lock-Down Rehab, Sentenced to Five Days in Jail for Violating Probation

Looks like Lindsay Lohan won’t be put on trial, after all.

The "Liz & Dick" actress struck a no contest deal with prosecutors on Monday to spend 90 days in a lock-down rehab facility, serve 30 days of community labor, and 18 months of psychological counseling for the three charges stemming from her June 2012 car accident. Lock-down rehab means Lohan is not to leave the facility's premises for any reason and must be there 24/7.

Lohan, wearing a cross necklace and a rosary, remained somber as Judge James Dabney went over the terms of the agreement. She wore no makeup, her hair was greasy, and her eyes were puffy, as if she had been crying. Later though, when entering her plea, Lohan did laugh as her lawyers coached her through what to say.

The judge also ruled that with this new case Lohan, 26, had also violated her probation (for her January 2011 necklace theft), and sentenced her to five days of jail and 30 days of community labor (which she can serve in New York). Judge Dabney warned Lohan to stay away from drugs and alcohol, as well as those people in her life who abuse drugs or sell them.

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Lohan was also ordered to appear at the Santa Monica Police Department within seven days to be booked … which means we'll be getting another mug shot! As history has shown, Lohan’s five-day sentence will likely translate to just a few hours behind bars, due to jail overcrowding.

Her NY-based lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, whose "competency" was previously questioned by the judge, kept getting up to talk to the judge during the 22-minute discussion in court. Finally, Lohan whispered to him, "Shut up. Stop talking." And he did.

After Lohan arrived a stunning 48 minutes late to Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles on Monday morning, both sides headed straight to the judge’s chambers for more than two hours to hash out the deal.

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If Lohan had been found guilty of the three misdemeanor charges (lying to police, obstructing an officer, and reckless driving), she could have been sentenced to 240 days in jail … although again, due to Los Angeles County’s overcrowding issue, she likely would have gotten out much earlier. Rather, Lohan faces her sixth stint in rehab.

As omg! has reported, prosecutors had previously offered Lohan an array of plea bargains, including rehab and house arrest, but she refused them all because she felt that meant she was admitting guilt. Over the weekend, Los Angeles-based criminal lawyer Elana Goldstein told omg!, "It is possible that she could negotiate a better deal on Monday – sometimes the best deals are struck with the jury waiting in the hallway."

And that seems to have been the case for Lohan, who was “glitter-bombed” by an unknown woman as she made her way into the courthouse at 9:18 a.m.

Why was she so late for her 8:30 a.m. trial? After missing two flights from New York City to Los Angeles and hopping off a third because she feared it had a mechanical issue, she finally landed at LAX at 8:35 a.m. According to "Entertainment Tonight," Lohan’s private plane – which Mr. Pink energy drink reportedly shelled out $50,000 for – was diverted from Van Nuys Airport, which is further away from the courthouse and would have made her even more late.

According to a report, her former personal assistant, Gavin Doyle, who also happened to be one of the prosecution’s witnesses in the case (Lohan blamed him for crashing her Porsche last June), was also aboard the private jet with the actress.

Lohan was initially set to fly out on Saturday night, but she blew it off to instead go see NYC band City of the Sun play at a local club, posting about the concert on her Instagram. Then she was supposed to hop on a 6 p.m. ET flight on Sunday, which she also skipped out on. Finally, Lohan made it to JFK Airport for a 9:30 p.m. ET flight – the last one of the evening – but not long after boarding, she hopped off in fear that there was something wrong with the aircraft. The plane did have to make a pit stop in Las Vegas, Nevada, to re-fuel, but reportedly made it to L.A. safely.

What are your feelings on Lohan avoiding any significant jail time once again? Do you think this is unfair?

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