Lindsay Lohan Arrives 48 Minutes Late for Start of Trial

Better late than never?

Lindsay Lohan was 48 minutes late to Airport Courthouse on Monday morning, the start of her trial for lying to police, reckless driving, and obstructing an officer.

Dressed in a pink-and-white suit and sunglasses, the actress scurried into the courthouse at 9:18 a.m. (the trial was supposed to start at 8:30 a.m.) and even smirked as photographers called her name … and one bystander even "glitter-bombed" her with gold glitter as she walked past them.

Lohan has not yet been seen in the courtroom. She is reportedly in the judge's chambers with her legal team, perhaps discussing a plea deal. As omg! has reported, she still had a chance to cut a deal with prosecutors before her trial began.

Prior to Lohan's arrival, her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, left the courthouse at 8:33 a.m. … in a Hummer with the license plate IMTRYNG. (You can't make this stuff up, right?) He must have met Lohan somewhere along her way because he walked back into the courthouse with his famous client.

Lohan's estranged father, Michael Lohan, is also in court. He has publicly voiced his concerns over Heller, whose "competency" was questioned by the judge on March 1, representing his daughter.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lohan’s private plane was diverted from Van Nuys Airport to Atlantic Aviation at LAX, which is much closer to Airport Courthouse. Had she traveled from Van Nuys, she would have been even more late!

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The 26-year-old didn’t even leave New York City for Los Angeles until 3 a.m. P.T. for the roughly five-hour flight plus L.A. Throw in rush-hour traffic … and do the math.

Lohan made the cross-country trek aboard a private plane chartered for her by Mr. Pink energy drink, for which she is a spokesperson. The company reportedly shelled out $50,000 for the plane, which also carried her former personal assistant, Gavin Doyle – who also happens to be one of the prosecution’s witnesses!

The “Liz & Dick” star was initially set to fly out on Saturday night, but she blew it off to instead go see NYC band City of the Sun play at a local club, posting about the concert on her Instagram. Then she was supposed to hop on a 6 p.m. ET flight on Sunday, which she also skipped out on. Finally, Lohan made it to JFK Airport for a 9:30 p.m. ET flight – the last one of the evening – but not long after boarding, she hopped off in fear that there was something wrong with the aircraft. The plane did have to make a pit stop in Las Vegas, Nevada, to re-fuel, but reportedly made it to L.A. safely.

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