Lindsay Lohan Shows Up Late to Court: ‘I’m Glad to See You’re Feeling Better,’ Judge Says

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Kathleen Perricone
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Better late than never?

Some things never change, as Lindsay Lohan was a good seven minutes late for court on Wednesday morning to face Judge Stephanie Sautner for a 8:30 a.m. PT pre-trial hearing about her three misdemeanor charges stemming from her June 2012 car accident.

Dressed in a simple black Chanel dress with her hair pulled back in a low ponytail, the actress arrived with her mother Dina (who traveled with her early this morning from New York City), and her new lawyer, Mark Jay Heller.

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Beginning at 9 a.m. once they moved buildings, Judge Sautner asked Lohan – who looked exhausted and was wearing minimal makeup – if Heller was indeed her new lawyer. “Today, yes,” she responded. When the judge said, “Not (just) today,” Lohan clarified that Heller was her attorney going forward.

Heller then brought up the fact that Lohan had been sick and her doctor recommended it was not safe for the public, including the people in court, to be around her, but that, “She wanted to show respect to the court,” said Heller. “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better,” Sautner sarcastically told Lohan, who smirked and said, “Thank you.”

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Then, as Lohan looked on uncomfortably, Heller brought up the fact that he was from New York and that he had heard the judge too was a New York native and had worked as a detective. “It is a great honor to appear before you,” Heller began – to which she cut him off. “Flattery doesn’t get you anywhere,” Sautner replied.

During the 13-minute hearing, it was determined that there would be another pre-trial hearing on March 1, which Lohan does not have to attend.

However, the troubled actress will be expected in court on March 18 when the case against her (three charges including lying to police) goes to trial.

Although that was somewhat good news for Lohan, it capped off a rough night. After landing in L.A. just after midnight – and less than eight hours before she was set to be in court – she was turned away from not one, but two swanky hotels.

The first, Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica near the courthouse, denied the actress and her mother a place to rest their heads because Lohan had been banned in 2007 after trashing her room at the time. They then moved on to a Loews nearby – and were also refused a room there, but this time simply because there weren’t any vacancies. According to TMZ, it’s unclear where the Lohans ended up.

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