Lindsay Lohan Left Beverly Hills Rental ‘Immaculate’ After Moving Out

Finally, some positive news about Lindsay Lohan!

Much has been made about her appearance on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” and how she reportedly refused to return $250,000 worth of furniture after she banned cameras from her Beverly Hills rental to capture the final reveal for the show’s season finale. Although the episode aired on Tuesday night, it was taped last summer and now seven months later, the actress no longer lives in the three-bedroom mini mansion, which is currently back on the market for a cool $10,450 a month.

While one might think the troublesome 26-year-old probably left the residence in poor condition, that’s not so, a source close to the situation tells omg!. “Lindsay left it immaculate,” insists the insider. “No work had to be done to get it ready for the next occupant. She was actually a great tenant.”

But then again, Lohan rarely spent any time in the 2,500-square-foot Georgian-style abode since moving in last February. Instead, she preferred to inhabit her home away from home, the Chateau Marmont, for two months last summer as she filmed “Liz & Dick.” She also has been splitting her time between New York City and London in recent months.

As for Furnituregate, Radar Online reports Lohan squirreled away the bedroom and living room furniture and various decorations given to her by Bravo to an unknown storage facility, and may have even sold some of it. But she couldn't hide it all. A source tells omg! that the white-washed hardwood flooring that was put down is still in the home.

Bravo did not respond to omg!’s request for comment about Lohan and the missing furniture, but an insider at the network says the actress “was given a lot of that stuff,” adding, “working with her in general wasn’t exactly easy.”

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