This Lindsay Lohan Portrait Is Total Trash

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  • Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan
    American actress and singer

If you thought this headline was an insult, you thought wrong. This portrait of Lindsay Lohan really is made of trash.

Artist Jason Mecier – the guy behind some of those amazing celebrity portraits made of candy – picked through trash, recycling, and used other found objects to create a true work of art inspired by the embattled starlet.

Several items in the work are even LiLo-related, including the star's CDs and DVDs and two collectible "Mean Girls" nail files. Some other choice items found within the portrait: jewelry, sunglasses, credit cards, handcuffs, empty bottles of booze, prescription bottles, and Visine. But the list of art supplies gets a little gross from there.

Mecier tells omg! he also used Monistat 7, eight Q-Tips, 13 bullet shells, four ant traps, 29 cigarette butts, and even a single tampon. Ew.

"I love Lindsay! I'm a huge fan," Mercier said. "She seems to love publicity and controversy, so I think she will like it. It's all in fun. This portrait is glamorous and bad ass!"

And where does the artist, who spent more than 50 hours on his latest creation, think the portrait should hang?

"It would look great hanging in Lindsay's living room," he said.

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