Lindsay Lohan Plays ‘Chelsea Lately’ Return For Laughs

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"Lindsay Lohan is back!"

That was warm-up comic Brody Stevens's mantra to the filled-to-capacity audience in Studio 1 on the Universal Studios back lot. "omg! Insider" was inside the taping to get all the scoop.

The 150+ audience members were upbeat and excited as they waited for the tabloid target to make her appearance, less than 48 hours out of rehab, to guest host "Chelsea Lately." Security was high, no cell phones were allowed, and executives flanked the walls. The taping was scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m., and at 4:22 p.m., Lindsay, tentative and seeming shy, took the stage dressed in black with red-hair combed to the side. The audience burst into applause, Lindsay laughed, and the show began.

"I'm back from a 90-day court order vacation at the Cliffside Rehab," she began. In her opening monologue, Lindsay thanked those who took her place in the tabloids while she was gone: Anthony Weiner, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and the Royal Baby. Look-alikes took to the stage with Chelsea Handler sidekick Chuy Bravo dressed as Royal Baby George.

One particularly humorous highlight, Lindsay mused about how unfair it was that Kanye's antics earn him gold records, "and I get a police record."

Round table panelists included "Chelsea Lately" regulars Brad Wollack, Fortune Feimster, and Jen Kirkman. Stumbling on her words during her introductions, she stopped her first take, started again, stumbled, stopped and said, "f*@k me!" Then, regaining her composure, she was off and running.

Lindsay soon loosened up and proceed in a self-deprecating manner, but also dished out the jokes on topics ranging from Bieber putting a fan's phone down his pants and Kristen Stewart lashing out at TMZ, to the viral video of Brittany Furlan singing into her curling iron then burning her own hand and the gay community protesting Russian vodka.

"What a waste of good vodka," Lindsay noted, adding she doesn't drink it because she's allergic. Wollack, in a clearly scripted moment, asked "What happens?" Her retort, "I get arrested and end up in rehab and jail."

During commercial breaks the panel reassured Lindsay that she was funny and the 27-year-old's confidence seemed to build throughout the taping.

She also conducted a fairly smooth interview with sci-fi hunk Dylan Bruce of BBC America's cult hit "Orphan Black." They compared nude scene experiences, Lindsay talking about director Paul Schrader showing up on the set of "The Canyons" completely naked to put Lindsay at ease. When saying goodbye, the Canadian actor leaned over and kissed Lindsay's hand.

Before taping her goodbyes, Lindsay shot four promos poking fun of herself. The funniest had Chuy dressed up as Lindsay. Lindsay asked, "Chuy, why are you dressed like me?" He responded, "We were afraid you weren't going to show up." One promo was done with Ross Matthews, another with Brad Wollack, and a second with Chuy in which Lindsay swore, "I promise, this is the last bad decision I'm going to make." Then, at 5:22 p.m., Lindsay, looking happy and relieved, taped her closing remarks, laughing and throwing baseballs into the audience before disappearing backstage.

Lindsay Lohan's guest-hosting gig on E!'s "Chelsea Lately" airs on Monday, August 5. "omg! Insider" will have preview clips on Friday, August 2, along with eyewitness accounts and many more details.

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