Lindsay Lohan Living at Family’s New York Home … But the Bank Wants It Back!

Financial misfortune must be a strong gene in the Lohan family.

On Thursday, a process server put a legal notice from Chase Bank on the gate of Dina Lohan’s New York home … where a broke Lindsay has been living on and off when she's in Long Island for the past three months since moving out of a Beverly Hills rental she could no longer afford. According to the New York Post, the documents inside the white packet labeled “Important Information Enclosed” named both mother and daughter and was related to a “mortgage issue.”

Dina, 50, has been clinging to the $1.3 million Merrick mansion ever since she first hit trouble paying her mortgage back in 2005. Then again last fall, she got behind once again until her cash-strapped daughter bailed her out with a $40,000 payment … which led to an epic fight during which Lindsay, 26, called her father Michael complaining that Dina was high on cocaine.

“I was like, ‘Give me my money back! Give me my 40 grand back that I just gave you!’” the “Liz & Dick” actress, who also sometimes stays with a friend in NYC's SoHo, complained to her father that night in October. When a shocked Michael asked why Lindsay – who owes more than $200,000 to the IRS herself – forked over that much money, she replied, “Because she needs to keep her house!”

But now, four months later, the bank is back. And unless Lindsay pulls off a miracle, this could be their last stand for the home.

In other legal news for Lindsay, she’s been evading a deposition in a case filed against her by a Los Angeles-based photographer, who is suing her because her former assistant ran over his foot with her car outside a nightclub in 2010. The plaintiff’s lawyer says in new documents that the actress has claimed she’s been “too busy” to sit down and talk … despite traveling the world partying since late December.

And that was the same thing she was up to on Wednesday night when she showed up unannounced (and late!) at the amfAR charity gala in New York City … on the arm of film producer Mohammed Al Turki, who had secured a table in advance. “She decided to come last-minute,” a source tells the New York Daily News. “She only had like three cigarettes. She was pretty well-behaved.”

But that wasn’t the case later in the evening when Lohan headed over to SL nightclub. After being turned away at the door, she was reportedly spotted outside screaming, “Where is my fur coat!”

A lost fur coat seems to be the least of her problems, no?

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