Lindsay Lohan Has Had an ‘Epiphany,’ Claims Lawyer

Lindsay Lohan has apparently had some sort of a “aha moment.”

Earlier this week, we reported that the troubled star is looking to mentor young girls. Now – in advance of her big court date on Friday for her ongoing probation violation case– her lawyer is speaking out, claiming Lohan has had an “epiphany,” and detailing a plan that’s in place to turn around “The Canyons” actress’ life once and for all.

Lohan’s new lawyer, Mark Heller, told E! News that while he works to put Lohan’s numerous legal issues behind her, the 26-year-old is working on herself by undergoing psychotherapy and doing charitable work, including mentoring, giving inspirational speeches, and recording public service announcements.

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"Being re-arrested and facing going back to jail caused her to have an epiphany,” Heller said. “Sometimes the cumulative effect of everything in your life percolates and you have a realization and a clarity that things have to change."

Heller said Lohan is scheduled to accompany him to Friday’s hearing.

"At this point, we do believe she will be in court with me," Heller said. As for what will go down during the hearing, Heller was vague. “There will be a lot unfolding.”

omg! previously reported that Heller filed papers last week asking the judge to “slow track” Lohan’s probation violation case while she follows through on this plan to revamp her life. He also made a legal bid to dismiss the new charges against her -- of reckless driving and lying to police -- for her June 2012 car accident.

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Heller told E! News his new plan has already been met with positive results.

"People are happy that we are trying to facilitate this turn around in her life. That is very encouraging and I am hopeful that we can follow through," he added. “Hopefully when we come together on Friday, we will have some appropriate resolution.”

While Heller’s plan sounds great in theory, it will be hard to swallow for many considering Lohan’s long legal history – as well as her own numerous claims that she recognized her mistakes and was planning to change her ways.

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