Lindsay Lohan Explains the Meaning Behind Her New Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan had that inking feeling.

The 27-year-old recently rehabbed actress has added to her tattoo collection, getting a triangle design etched onto her left upper arm.

"Love, truth, power… my new tattoo," LiLo wrote in her blog on Tuesday. "Wanted you guys to see it first. Feeling good and love you."

Below the snapshot of her new tat (and bruised arm!), Lohan posted an image that served as her inspiration. It's a triangle with the words "truth," "power," and "love" at its three corners. In between are the words "authority," "courage," and "oneness" with "intelligence" in the center.

The graphic comes from Steve Pavlina's self-help book Personal Development for Smart People, which talks about how intelligence is the highest expression of personal growth, and how it comes from a person's alignment with truth, love, and power.

Lohan previously shared a photo of the tattoo mid-ink. On Monday, she posted a black-and-white photo of herself taken while an artist worked on the design. She tagged it "#HomeWork" and "#behindthescenes."

She seems to be a fan of that shape. Earlier this year during a court appearance, Lohan had a red triangle tattoo on the her right upper arm. Underneath, in messy letters, it read, "What dreams may come," from Shakespeare. She also has a Marilyn Monroe quote and Billy Joel lyrics, among others.

After all, she's a work in progress.