Lily Collins: Dad Phil Supportive of Love Scenes

For any young actress growing up in the public eye, an uneasy rite of passage is endured when she's got to prep her family for the sexual maturity of her on-screen work.

Lucky for Lily Collins, her father, Phil, is a seasoned entertainer and not faint of heart.

"I've just turned 24 but I'll always be their little girl," Collins told omg! of her parents, when we sat down to discuss her upcoming (and racy) roles in "The English Teacher" and "Stuck In Love."

"My dad started as an actor," Collins said of the Genesis frontman and music legend. "It's close to his heart. It excites him to see me taking on roles about growing up but, yeah, kissing scenes aren't easy for him. And in ["Stuck In Love"] I take my top off, so that was awkward."

In "The English Teacher," an indie comedy about the unraveling of a prim literature instructor played by Julianne Moore, Collins is far from the demure Snow White she portrayed last year in "Mirror Mirror."

Her character, Hallie, is competing with Moore's cougariffic Linda, both after Michael Angarano's young playwright Jason.

"It's not something I'd like Julianne to know me for, screaming at her, calling her old," Collins laughed. One of the film's confrontations has Collins calling Moore an "old whore."

"But that's not an opportunity you pass up. It was just like with Julia [Roberts] in 'Mirror Mirror,' I'd apologize for screaming at her after every cut. But they were both so patient with me, and so present in the moment."

Collins finds her recent roles a big departure, saying she'd "never done the catty high school thing."

We say cheers for challenging yourself, Lily. Just give your dad a heads-up.

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